15th October 2016

Sports Report: Year 7 Rugby Sevens vs King’s Ely School

Year 7 SW have a natural and outstanding team dynamic based on excellent running, constant passes, changes in playing direction and huge bravery in the tackle.  Such a dynamic requires gentle coaching so the teams natural style of play remains high, while their development points are improved.  The number one development point that the team had to focus on in this game was rucking, with the success criteria being to win 60% of their rucks.  They did this and more!
Year 7 SW performed in all areas; the ruck, the tackle, passing and running.  They also started to get shape between their forwards and backs with each student gaining a better understanding of their role.

The game of rugby amongst the Year 7s is truly the way the game should be played; with constant team support, positivity amongst the players and courage throughout.  Without exaggeration, it was a fantastic game to watch!

Sancton Wood won their game 40 points to 16.

Special mention to Kings Ely School for hosting the game, excellent referring and providing post-match teas for the students.


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