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The fees shown below are termly and are payable as cleared funds before the commencement of the School Term to which they relate.


Our fees are subject to an annual review and are determined by the impact of contractual scale increments in teachers’ pay, pension costs and property costs, including energy, maintenance and communications.

Per term.

Nursery (Spot the Dog and Elmer Class) 5 days £4775
4 days £3820
3 days £2865
Pre-School – Y2 £4400
Y3 – Y6 £4850
Y7 – Y11 £5850

School lunches

Hot lunches are provided 5 days per week. The cost of lunches are included with your fees invoiced in advance.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

There will be no charge for the majority of extra-curricular clubs. Details of the clubs will be released during the summer term.

Childcare Vouchers

Can be used to pay for fees for children up to the age of 5 years old.  For children over 5 years old childcare vouchers can be used for school-run clubs.

Notification of Change

Any change to days requires a term’s notice in writing to the Registrar.

If you wish to withdraw your child from any setting, one full term’s notice is required in writing or fees in lieu thereof.  Notice should be addressed to the Registrar.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable by direct debit on the first day of the term they relate to. If an item on the fees invoice is under query, the balance of that fees invoice must be paid. Fees are to be paid by bank transfer or cheque – cash is not accepted at the school.