Our Cambridge

We are located in the heart of the beautiful city of Cambridge, renowned for its strong educational foundation and inspirational scholars. Culturally, historically and aesthetically, there’s so much for young minds to absorb.

We are very fortunate to have access to a wealth of resources on our doorstep. Our art, science and humanities topics are regularly brought to life with visits to the Polar Museum, Botanical Gardens, The Fitzwilliam, The Sedgewick and wonderful Mosques and Churches of the surrounding area.

We also have strong links with Cambridge University and often take advantage of their facilities, expertise and multitude of STEM events.  A partnership with Anglia Ruskin ensures that our enrichment programme in STEM is an exciting one and other local organisations provide support in the form of activities, clubs and talks.

With small class sizes it is very easy for us to transport children further afield to extend their learning beyond the classroom either by hopping on the train to London or in our school bus.