It is important that our students recognise the importance of helping others and as a school we strongly believe in supporting both our local community and causes much further afield. Our Charity Committee gives our students the responsibility of identifying causes that are important to them and ownership of seeing through their fundraising activities.

Charity Committee

The aims of the School Charity Committee are:

To give pupils an opportunity to actively help others less fortunate than themselves within the community.
To provide students with a platform to voice their ideas on how to be caring and active citizens and make a positive contribution to their community through school-based, fundraising activities.
The Charity Committee meets regularly to discuss which charities to support, how to raise funds within the school community and to break down the tasks into working groups.

We are proud to have supported many charities and make regular donations to comic relief, Jimmy’s Night Shelter and Cambridge Food Bank.

East Africa Children’s Project

We have a long standing partnership with the East Africa Children’s Project.

They are a small registered charity in Brighton who support local projects that target the needs of disadvantaged children in East Africa. They support small projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that make a real difference. They are helping Children’s Centres, education programmes, individual pupils and projects for communities struggling to take care of their children.  They are staffed by unpaid volunteers and 95% of donations go directly to their projects in East Africa.

Some of the funds we have raised have gone towards:

  • Empowering very deprived children through education, training, and community development to escape persistent and debilitating poverty
  • Supporting schools to provide a locally grown nutritious meal a day of rice, maize and beans for children who would normally be fed at school but can’t due to the Covid crisis
  • Kitting out our new 60-bed dormitory for orphaned or abused girls age 3+ at Joy Primary School (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Obtaining textbooks and uniforms to enable orphan children to attend primary school
  • Supporting those who do well in their exams to progress to secondary school
  • School garden projects to provide school lunches for very deprived children to raise child welfare, school performance, and school attendance.
Ramatu's Foundation for Women & Girls' Empowerment

In 2020 we also announced our partnership with Ramatu’s Foundation, cofounded by alumni student Anastasia Maseychik. Not only will we be fundraising for this great cause, whose focus is supporting girls into school, providing them with meals and stationery as well as access to education, but we have taken the opportunity to connect our own students with the girls in Sierra Leone.

Girls from Sancton Wood have been chosen to be part of a linking programme for a connection that will allow the girls from both countries to learn from each other, sharing conversations about their education, ambitions and social lives. They become friends and build a meaningful relationship as equals and peers, and ultimately act as ambassadors for the programme.

To hear more from Founder Ramatu, click here to listen to our podcast.