A Real World Education

Experts suggest that a high percentage of the jobs our children will be doing in the future do not currently exist. This, alongside rising life expectancies and costs of living, means children of today are facing working careers that surpass the length of our own. This presents an interesting educational challenge and is one, as teachers responsible for preparing children for their futures, we are acutely aware of and are facing head on.

With the world we are living in changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is our job, and joy, to instil a passion for life-long learning in our pupils. This will help our children navigate a different structure of career. A love of learning and intellectual curiosity will be key to the continuous educational development needed as they forge long lasting, successful careers.

We don’t purely teach towards tests; we are creative in our pupil’s learning. It is crucial that we nurture human characteristics; creativity, leadership, problem solving and kindness to name but a few and this puts our students in good stead for the careers of the future.

How do we do this?

Our timetable is flexible enough to adapt and change with the times.  A whole school enrichment programme runs on a Wednesday afternoon and here students can involve themselves in a wide variety of activities from rocketry to fashion design.  In the seniors, the final session of each day widens the enrichment provision further and students can absorb themselves in more in depth study of the subjects they love.

In KS3 children pursue their own research projects and at KS4 have the opportunity to study for the HPQ research and presentation award.