Principal’s Welcome

At Sancton Wood we believe that if a child is happy, has good self-esteem and a sense of belonging, they are in the right place to learn.  When your child comes to us, we will help them discover and develop their unique skills and talents to be the best they can be as they follow on their educational journey.

I often say that children can’t simply ‘go round again’ with their school lives; they only get one chance at this.  Therefore, it is a school’s responsibility to make that one-off journey a memorable one.  An experience that teaches the value of the individual, encourages intellectual curiosity and provides a community of fun and energy.  At Sancton Wood we strive to do this every day and this website shows that we succeed in this endeavour.  Here, you’ll see pupils who are happy in their school lives; from Baby Unicorns upwards, they thrive in a wide number of tasks and challenges and they leave us as fine, well-mannered individuals ready to continue their academic journey.

Sancton Wood offers an all through education, providing seamless progression without distracting entrance exams and potentially messy transitions, especially at 11 and 13.  This means the complete learning journey can be planned and delivered without interruption.  Another feature of the school is its human scale – both in terms of overall size and the number of children in each class.  Pupils do not form a cohort here; every child is known and is an individual, and they know that each and every one of them has an adult who not only cares deeply about them but also has the time to take care of them.

Simply put, ‘We learn together, we play together, we grow together.’

Richard Settle,