Future Plans

Standing still at Sancton Wood isn’t a thing and we continually strive to build on our provision.

The start of the new school year will see our pupils learn and develop through our new enrichment programme which offers over 100 opportunities for our students to experience. We have a new hall for St Paul’s scheduled for the summer, and tentative plans for a 6th form setting in the very near future. We have ambitious plans for the improvement of our sports facilities and are able to expand our outdoor space on the newly acquired St Andrews’ grounds.  

As usual, there’s a lot happening. Change is straightforward when we know that it will improve the pupils’ experiences and opportunities; when it is in their best interest. It’s exciting to think about where we will be in 2-3 years as the school continues to improve its offering and our reputation grows. 

Be reassured though that some things don’t change, and we’re clear on that: our core values, ethos and approach are non-negotiable.