International Outlook

Around 20% our students are from overseas, from over 30 countries worldwide, creating a community of cultural diversity which we warmly embrace. We are proud to be home to students from across the globe and embrace opportunities in school to celebrate different cultures.

An International Outlook

Naturally, we have lots of experience handling international applications so can guide families smoothly through the process. We can offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) specialist support where needed and can provide Tier-4 licences where necessary.

Applying to Sancton Wood from overseas

Entrance assessment for international students

We welcome students with a broad range of academic abilities, reflecting our belief that each child has unique talents and potential to offer. Our assessment process is designed to be as relaxed as possible, so that we can understand your child’s potential, as much as their current levels of achievement.  Written assessments for entry are often arranged by our admissions team and often this can be sat at your current school or even at home.

UKiset for applicants whose first language is not English

Applicants aged 9.5 years and older, take the online UKiset test; an assessment specifically designed for international applicants to British independent schools.  This test can be taken at approved test centres around the world, or in person at the school.. Once the test has been taken, UKiset send us a full electronic report of the results. Subject to performance in the UKiset test, students are invited to interview (usually via Skype).

Further information on UKiset

Prep School Entry

  • Reception, Year 1, Year 2: An informal assessment in person or via Skype including puzzles, numbers and creative tasks.
  • Year 3 to 5, and Year 6 – English as first language: Written assessments in mathematics; verbal and non-verbal reasoning; and creative writing at the school or in your home country.
  • Year 6 – English as an additional language: Applicants aged over 9.5 years will take the UKiset test.

Senior School Entry

Applicants whose first language is English

  • Year 7 to Year 9: written assessments in English and Mathematics
  • Year 10: written assessments in English, Mathematics and Science

English qualifications

Students need to have strong speaking and written, reading and listening skills to be clear, fluent and confident communicators in English.

This is required, to enable them to access the curriculum and to work collaboratively with teachers and other students, and to ensure success in public examinations.

Although we do not ask for a formal qualification before starting with us, but the following offer approximate levels:

  • Joining Senior School in Year 7 and Year 8: IELTS level 4.0
  • Joining Senior School in Year 9 and Year 10: IELTS level 5.0


Subject to their written assessment performance, applicants are interviewed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, either in person or via Skype.

We make the process as relaxed as possible. This allows us to understand each girl’s potential as much as her current levels of achievement.


A copy of the applicant’s latest school report will be requested. References may also be requested from previous schools.