We know how important it is choosing the right school for your child so we thought it might be useful for you to hear from the families who are currently with us…

As a Sancton Wood alumni myself, there wasn’t a question where I was going to send my daughter to school. She joined at 3 years old in Baby Unicorns and is now thriving in Year 4 at the Prep School. Sancton Wood has always kept a strong ethos from when I attended, around pastoral care. My daughter’s mental health is particularly important to me and every day I collect her she has a beaming smile on her face, she loves being at school!

The teachers are approachable and friendly and the smaller class sizes mean more fine-tuned attention to the children’s strengths and passions with great support in any academic areas they may need. The school continues to grow as do their facilities and the enrichment programme has been well received by my daughter and her peers.

I would recommend Sancton Wood to any parent looking for a smaller independent school with a very nurturing approach to learning.”

Prep Parent

My son loves Sancton Wood so much, he has now decided that alongside being a scientist and author he also wants to be a teacher…at Sancton Wood. But not just any teacher. He wants to be a Year 3 teacher, like Mr Wilson. This just goes to show what wonderful role models the teachers are.

We are so happy at Sancton Wood. The level of individual attention my children receive is outstanding. The teachers always go the extra mile to welcome the children and make them feel special. When my daughter was having one of those mornings, her teacher came and met her at the car and supported her in coming into school. Above and beyond.

I think the children are given the perfect amount of nurture, support and challenge. My daughter is so proud of her achievements and is always challenged to achieve her best. She absolutely loves the variety of lessons and has been raving about the Enrichment Programme where she is learning dance.”

Prep Parent

Our Son joined Sancton Wood in Year 5 from a Village Primary School. He was one of the younger students (born in the Summer), and despite being quite bright, he had consistently been in a mixed year group with 30 children in a class. He had lots of friends but he was bored and struggled to engage.

As Parents, we were slightly intimidated by the whole process of looking at fee paying Schools. We looked around all the local schools but never felt like we had the right “fit” … Until we found ourselves outside Sancton Wood. Almost immediately, we knew that this was the school for him! The Staff were friendly and welcoming and the children were happy, enthusiastic and well rounded. We got the feeling that the students were the best versions of themselves without being in a pressure cooker environment (that we had observed elsewhere). We looked at the school’s exam successes and this supported our belief that this was the right school for him.

A big worry for us was “are we doing the right thing?” “Should we be taking him away from all his friends?”. Our worries were completely unfounded. He made friends and was welcomed by his classmates immediately. He is thriving at school and is excelling in all of his GCSE subjects. He is happy, enthusiastic, confident and loves life, just like the children we saw all those years ago at the open morning.”

Senior/Prep Parent

My eldest child has been in Sancton Wood since he was 1 year old. He started at Baby Unicorns and is now in Year 2. My second child joined the Sancton Wood family this year and is having a fantastic experience in Reception. The education and support they receive is above the standard. It is a perfect balance of a warm, caring, friendly and happy environment. As parents, we have also received great support from the School.

Sancton Wood is a friendly school offering the children a great education for the best start in life. It also provides the right foundations for a successful school life ahead. My children love it! They never want to miss School. Their education and knowledge have really flourished at Sancton Wood.”

Prep Parent

Sancton Wood has given my daughter an excellent learning experience. She has been given the encouragement and confidence to succeed in every subject after starting out with some level of anxiety. The pastoral care is above and beyond any other school in Cambridge. Children are treated as individuals and not just a number.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sancton Wood to anyone that wants their child to have a happy and supportive environment.”

Senior Parent

My son joined Sancton Wood at the beginning of Lent term in Year 8. He had not been happy at his then current state school. I was immediately impressed with the pastoral care and acknowledgement of the approach “one size does not fit all”. The ethos at Sancton Wood; if your child is happy they will learn and thrive, proved true for my son.

He is now in the Senior School – Year 11 about to embark on his GCSE’s. He is predicted excellent grades and I have no doubt this is down to the excellent teaching staff and support he has received at Sancton Wood. Any interactions I have had with teachers or the leadership team have always been positive. My personal experience with the school has been overwhelmingly one of care and mutual respect. My son has made some wonderful friendships and met teachers that I know will have a huge influence on him for years to come.”

Senior Parent

Sancton Wood Senior school has given our son an excellent foundation for Sixth Form. He was allowed to select a large number of options, had brilliant teaching in all of them and achieved top grades. Teachers at Sancton Wood were always supportive of his natural intellectual curiosity, were open to his many questions and helped him to see connections between different subjects. This is now making a huge difference to his studies at Sixth Form.

One of the great strengths of Sancton Wood Senior is their inclusivity and the value that the school places on effort as opposed to just the achievement. The school also listens to the students. Recently an extracurricular activity was opened up to a wider group of students in response to our daughter’s letter to Mr Settle.”

Senior Parent

Sancton Wood is an incredibly welcoming, nurturing and inspiring place to learn. The school’s ethos, is one of compassion, inclusivity and personal responsibility. Our son in Year 11 has flourished in the three years he’s been at the school, growing immeasurably in confidence, consideration for others and academic achievement.

Our daughter in Year 7 has progressed from feeling highly anxious about going to school post-lockdown to being excited about learning once again. The teachers and management at the Senior School are hugely caring and patient, yet also thought-provoking and challenging.”

Senior Parent