Pastoral Programmes

The ‘Supporters’ Club’ is a programme aimed at helping our parents support their teenage children.  I believe that the exceptional pastoral care on offer at Sancton Wood can be extended further, and this programme helps us do that by including further support for teenagers, boys in particular, and our parents.

two children sitting on the floor in their PE kits

Supporters Club, in Partnership with Cambridge United

The programme covers a range of parenting issues but has a particular focus on the well being of boys and how they can best be supported as they grow up in the modern world. It includes an exciting range of activities and events, all aimed at improving self esteem and helping parents support the growth of their children.

Supporter’s Club is:

  • A full programme of PSHE lessons, delivered in partnership with Cambridge United and Centre 33 as part of their collaborative ‘Mind Your Head’ programme;
  • Talks for parents in school about Parenting Teenagers;
  • A programme of talks and some special events for boys and their dads, delivered in partnership with Cambridge United and scheduled on match days at the club;
  • A residential activity for boys and their parents;
  • 1:1 support to parents.

Through Supporters’ Club we hope that the boys will learn about the different ways they can support themselves but also that we will help you better support them at this time of remarkable change in their lives.

Girls on Board

As part of our continued Pastoral programme, this year we have signed up to Girls on Board.

Girls on Board is a programme which was developed by Andrew Hampton, Headteacher of Thorpe Hall School in Essex.  The aim of the programme is to help girls, their parents and the teachers understand the complexities and dynamics of girl friendships.  By way of supporting the girls the school offers weekly sessions with the girls to help them communicate, understand and ultimately resolve any issues which arise.  It may be that as part of the programme the students will wish to develop their own friendships codes of conduct or agreements on behaviour.


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