Scholarships at Sancton Wood are prestigious awards available to students demonstrating outstanding talent and ability in the spheres of Academic Study, STEM, the Creative Arts or Sport.  

Pupils are offered exciting programmes and opportunities to develop their skills to the maximum and are also expected to act as role models, promoting their area of excellence and encouraging others to follow their example. All scholarships are won in open competition and are awarded solely on merit. Candidates must be registered with the school prior to entering the scholarship process or must going through the application process with our admissions team.   

Scholarships are available to pupils entering Sancton Wood at Y3, Y7 and Y9. The application process is open in September for the following academic year. The school reserves the right to vary the number of awards according to the strength of applications and all scholarships awarded are reviewed at the start of a new key stage.  

Scholarships are usually awarded at a fee reduction of 5%. In the interests of inclusivity, no student will be awarded more than two scholarships although applicants may apply for more than two. 

In addition to a fee reduction, scholars receive support in their area of talent from an assigned academic mentor. Scholars also act as role models to their peers and contribute to wider school life, and in doing so will benefit from additional enrichment opportunities in their chosen area. Pupils with scholarship awards meet regularly with their scholarship mentor, and all those on the Gifted and Talented Register, to offer support with time-management, study-skills and other pressures and challenges beyond the academic sphere. 

With their mentor, pupils explore and identify their academic and vocational aspirations. Mentors will then alert them to the opportunities available to them, helping them to expand their horizons and fulfil their potential, ensuring that their CVs are strong for their chosen sixth form, and exposing them to their academic competition. 

When to apply 

Year 3, Year 7 and Year 9 scholarship applications are open from 11th September and close on 19th January. Interview day is on 15th March and offers are made on 27th March.  

The Benefits of Being a Scholar 

5% reduction in school fees

Free consultation session with Oxbridge Applications in Y9

25% reduction in all consultancy fees with Oxbridge and US Applications

Free Summer School place for one of the school’s Summer Courses

Priority access to appropriate elements of the school’s Accelerated Learning Provision

All scholars are part of the Dukes’ Scholars programme

Scholarship opportunities at Cardiff 6th Form College (Cambridge)

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarships are offered to both internal and external candidates in Y3, Y7 and Y9. Interviews and Scholarships Days are competitive. Candidates may apply for more than one scholarship. All external candidates wishing to apply must complete a Scholarship Application Form together with a completed Registration Form and pay the Registration Fee (unless already on roll). You may apply for multiple scholarships for each candidate on this form, however please complete a separate form for each candidate.

Current School

Which scholarship(s) are you applying for?

7+ Scholarship is offered for Academic, Sport and Creative Arts (Music, Art and Drama) / 11+ Scholarship is offered in Academic, Sport and Creative Arts / 13+ Scholarship is offered in Academic, Sport, Creative Arts and STEM

Academic Scholarship

7+, 11+, 13+
Please include details of internal and external examination results, for example; SATs, CAT4 and any other standardised assessment.

Sport Scholarship

7+, 11+, 13+
* County and national performers only

Creative Arts Scholarship

7+, 11+, 13+




STEM Scholarship

Academic rigour forms the cornerstone of a Sancton Wood education and our academic scholars are at the centre of it. As holders of an award, scholars are expected to fully engage with the Able, Gifted and Talented programme and take a proactive approach to their studies. We seek to ensure that all our scholars remain consistently challenged and able to set the benchmark for all students. To guarantee that all Scholars are fully supported through their academic life, they are assigned a mentor who will meet them on a half termly basis to discuss progress, challenges and points for development. These sessions are used as a spring board for academic discussion.