The Arts

Whether your child sees their future as a poet, performer or particle physicist, an education in the arts is invaluable. It helps them see life from different angles and encourages conceptual thinking.

We have specialist teachers and working spaces for art, music and drama allowing our students the perfect creative environments to immerse themselves in their craft.

Artistic creations using lots of different methods and materials, including pottery play a big role in learning through play at the nursery.

In Prep our students use our spacious attic art studio to develop skills and to explore media, including clay, papier mache, pencil, pastel and paint. Children learn from artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe and Yayoi Kusama, and make, for example, Greek-style pots, pumpkins after Kusama and Islamic-pattern tiles. Visits to local university museums provide further inspiration for Art projects.

At the Senior School our students delve into a wide range of artistic components including; Fine Arts, Graphic Communication, Photography, Textiles and Ceramics. Enrichment opportunities include the opportunity to work with graffiti artists, fashion designers and clothes makers and photographers. At KS3 students can attend History of Art classes during P6 and all have one lesson per week in Creative Studies- film making, design, writing and more.

We offer lots of opportunities to learn and play instruments, supported by peripatetic music lessons and to perform either on stage or behind the scenes. We have a school band, choir, orchestra and the music department engages extensively with the local community, with our pupils attending a variety of talks and concerts in the city itself.

Our whole-school productions always create a buzz with children who are thrilled to take part as actors, musicians, technicians, scenery painters and make-up artists. Our shows are incredible displays of our staff and students’ talent and hard work, our recent home-grown production of The Mystery of Mr E embarked on an international tour of literacy festivals and theatres.