Sancton Wood delivers outstanding GCSE results year on year and this is a testament to our tailored educational programme, with small class sizes, motivated students and excellent teachers at its core. Lots of our students are with us from our Nursery and Prep school and it’s a strength of the school that we therefore know each child in depth when they reach Year 11.

2021 GCSE Results

97% of the students achieved grades 4-9

27% were grade 9s

Almost 70% were in the top grades, 7-9

Students at Sancton Wood School were thrilled to receive their exam results this morning.  97% of the students achieved grades 4-9.  An astounding 27% were grade 9s and almost 70% of the GCSEs awarded were in the top grades, 7-9.

The results are in line with those of previous years at Sancton Wood, both the examined GCSEs and last year’s non examined GCSEs.   Sancton Wood is delighted that the consistency of these excellent results proves not only that its approach to education is successful but also that there is no question the results are well deserved.

“I want to congratulate our students who achieved these excellent results.  We do not academically select students or hot house them towards exams; instead our approach is that through kindness, respect, nurturing and wonderful teaching our students achieve their full potential.  In addition we offer a truly varied curriculum so our young people can excel at what they enjoy. There has been much discussion in the media recently about this year’s results but the truth is that it is due to students’ individual hard work and diligence these grades have been achieved.” said Richard Settle, Principal Sancton Wood.

Outgoing Head Prefect, Sanika, achieved a full score of grade 9s, a distinction in her creative writing HPQ and also recently recorded a TED talk.

“I joined Sancton Wood in Year 8 and have had the happiest time at school.  I’ve been given opportunities (even during COVID), been encouraged, made truly good friends and have had a fantastic relationship with my teaching staff.  I’m also delighted with my results, as are so many of my friends.  I am hoping to study medicine in the future and this is one step towards that goal - I thank everyone at Sancton Wood." Sanika, Y11 Outgoing Prefect
“This year more than any other has proved there is so much more to education than exam results.  Every parent, student and teacher in the country must be so proud of how our young people have supported each other and conducted themselves in what has been a sometimes scary and certainly unprecedented year.  We are so proud of all they have achieved and we thank them for the spirit they have shown - it has kept us going too.” Debra King, Head of Senior School.

Previous Results

2019 Results

97% of students achieved five or more GCSEs graded 4-9

Almost half of these results were in the top 7, 8 and 9 grades (the equivalent of the old A and above).

One student, James achieved 13 GCSEs, all at the top of the scale, with seven of them being grade 9

1 of our students, Noah, achieved 10 grade 9 GCSEs

2020 Results

100% of students achieved five or more GCSEs graded 4-9

97% of students achieved these results including English, Maths and Science

50% of these results were in the top 7, 8 and 9 grades (the equivalent of the old A and above)

A cohort of 30 students sat GCSEs and IGCSEs over a range of 14 subjects.

These results came from unprecedented circumstances, and the first of its kind in the history of education.  We are delighted that the government decided to ratify the teacher gradings submitted to them in July and are confident that these grades are a fair reflection of our students’ abilities.

As ever, there were a small number of students from Years 9 and 10 sitting GCSEs early, these students all achieved grade 9s. Students for whom English is their second language achieved GCSEs with remarkable top grades.  Some students who faced very difficult times during their GCSE years have triumphed and those who have been nurtured at Sancton Wood from their early years have performed particularly well.

Senior prefect, Jacob said:

“Sancton Wood has been fantastic for me and all my year group.  The teachers believed in us and the small class sizes meant that we got plenty of time with them during the GCSE course.  I am so pleased with my results and am confident I achieved them because of the experience I have had at Sancton Wood; not only do I leave with great results but also happy memories of my time at school.”

School Principal, Richard Settle said:

“This has been such a difficult time for our students, and we are exceptionally proud of how they have handled themselves and the hard work and dedication the teachers and staff have shown.  It’s part of a Sancton Wood education to learn the key skills of resilience and strength of character; this cohort has shown this and more.  These excellent qualities will see them well during the next steps of their educational journey.”

The results are an impressive outcome for a non-selective, mixed ability school and a vindication of the school’s belief that by providing outstanding pastoral care, pupils will thrive and achieve great results. We continue to be motivated by the huge difference between expected grades given to students when they arrive at Sancton Wood in Year 7 compared to the actual results they achieve.

The unique, family-orientated environment that Sancton Wood creates, allows for the early identification of not only strengths to be nurtured but areas pupils find challenging which can be addressed with tailored support. This is key to their academic success, especially in Cambridge where many other independent schools’ admissions are based on existing academic ability.