Pre-Prep Prep

The Prep School is home to lively and inquiring minds, and is a place where intellectual curiosity is part of every day. From Reception to Y6 , children are taught in small class sizes where the individual is seen and valued.

Recognising the worth of each person, we ensure that each child has targets and support to help them achieve their potential.

We have an impressive offer of Modern Foreign Languages, which, along with PE and Creative Arts, are taught by specialist teachers – a challenging and engaging curriculum is on offer long with the core subjects.

Small class sizes mean that we can walk with the individual on their educational journey and extend the curriculum both ways so that everyone can succeed and be stretched. Core subject learning gives pupils an excellent foundation of key skills and knowledge, and these provide confidence to be creative across the board. Linked to the senior school, we are fortunate to have access to excellent resources and specialist input, for example in Science and Art.

Our city plays host to a wealth of cultural and intellectual treasure. Sancton Wood makes the most of the rich learning resources on offer including making visits to the Botanical Gardens, the university’s museums and the city’s art galleries.  Our year-round sporting programme takes advantage of the city’s facilities and grounds.

We have an extensive enrichment programme bringing learning to life beyond the classroom. Biennial residential trips promote independence, team-work and personal responsibility.