Dukes Network

Sancton Wood is part of Dukes Education. This extraordinary family of schools all share the same drive to “inspire, educate and support young people so they can be the very best versions of themselves”.  Being part of Dukes Education gives us ongoing investment, strength and stability whilst celebrating our own unique character as a school.

It gives us access to a wide network of expertise and specialist consultancy services including Beyond the Classroom links with Oxbridge admissions, Summer Schools, The Medic Portal and The Lawyer Portal.

In 2019 Dukes Education invested close to £10 million in the move of our Senior School to Bateman St. This not only increased the quality of the provision we can offer for our senior students but has allowed us to answer the demand in admissions by increasing our capacity by 45%. They continue to invest in staff development, opportunities for pupils and improvements to the school.

Aatif Hassan is the Chairman of Sancton Wood and can be contacted by email – aatif.hassan@dukeseducation.com

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