Our Senior School’s aim is to develop young people who are knowledgeable, caring and successful with bright, enquiring minds. We want our students to have a positive approach to life, to broaden their horizons and to value the chance to think and study independently.

We are proud of the success we have in securing Sancton Wood students the best grades possible and the opportunity to make exceptional progress. We also take great pride in our excellent GCSE Results, placing us in the Sunday Times Top 100 and the success our students have in securing the post-16 routes of their choice.

The recent £10 million investment in our new Senior School on Bateman Street gives our students the space for a calm, stimulating and purposeful environment in which to learn from our inspirational teachers as well as access to specialist facilities for science, art and drama.

We offer lots of opportunities to further explore and discover areas of interest through our extensive and inspiring enrichment programme. Pupils develop skills and show responsibility in pupil leadership positions, enrol in advanced qualifications and receive support in areas they find challenging.

A broad range of enrichment opportunities, extra curricular activities, trips and visiting speakers ensure we are a vibrant community, humming with positivity, as our core value states – ‘A Community of Fun and Energy’.