9th March 2016

World Book Day

World Book Day means dress up day, lots of people’s favourite day of Book Week as you can see below:

My favourite bit of Book Week was dressing up because I looked pretty. I dressed up as Elsa.

By Lola : Reception

I couldn’t wait to dress up on WorldBook Day. It is very exciting to come to school in fancy dress. Everyone looks so fun like a party, especially Ben who was a giant burger!

By Lucas Yr 1

World Book Day was really fun and exciting andI loved dressing up because

everyone looked amazing. I was dressed up as Kipper the dog.

By George Yr 1

I liked dressing up as Queen Cat Elsa onWorld Book Day because it is so exciting.

By Aila Yr 2
You can see more pictures from Book Week on our Flickr page:
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