29th September 2016

European Day of Languages

Felicitations to all our pupils for participating so enthusiastically in the European Day of Languages.  It was very exciting to hear pupils and staff around the school engaging with each other in a range of languages –  often within the same conversation – and to see pupils being rewarded with flag tokens for trying out so many different European Languages so successfully.

At lunchtime, the dining hall was abuzz with conversation about the wide variety of delicious European dishes being enjoyed – both packed and hot –  and, of course, the number of tokens each House had accrued thus far!

Each House achieved an amazing total and I am delighted to announce that the number of House points awarded to each House is: Phoenix 294 points, Dragon 238 points, Griffin 212 points.

Congratulations to Phoenix and well done to everyone for participating so wholeheartedly throughout the day to earn tokens for your House.

We already have exciting plans for next year’s European Day of Languages and look forward to celebrating it again on 26th September.





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