29th January 2017

Mega Latin Vocab Competition!

student sticking vocab on paper

Last week all the years 7 and 8 competed in a mega vocab competition.  It was very exciting!

Year 7 winners were Natasha, with a whopping 100%, and Antonio, who dropped 1 mark, runners up Miguel, Dominic, Sanika and Harry.  Top of Year 8 was Theo, who lost a tiny half a mark, with runners up Reza and Fraser.  There is also a special shout out to Oskar, who almost aced the test with a reduced number of words to learn, being new to the class.

Well done to everyone who put so much effort into learning their words!
In other news, despite sickness meaning reduced numbers this week, classes had fun playing around with word order in Latin and English.  Looking forward to the rest of the term, there is pretty high excitement for the forthcoming gladiators project week – watch this space! – and we will be exploring some beliefs in the supernatural in the Roman world as we progress through the current chapter of the book.


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