31st March 2017

Year 7’s Exploding Volcanoes

children creating a model volcano

As part of their Volcanoes and Earthquakes topic the Year 7s were set the task of creating their very own volcanoes over the half-term break. They all produced absolutely wonderful results with volcanoes ranging from some delicious but very realistic edible stratovolcanoes, to some 3D interactive volcanoes and some very gassy shield volcanoes that we very much enjoyed ‘exploding’ in the playground. Star of the year went to Oskar’s incredible lego volcano, that came complete with a earthquake simulator and working seismometer (plus seismograph paper!) that left Mrs Corpas speechless (quite a feat!).   A very well done to all the Year 7s for all their creativity and hard work.

The geography room now looks like it is now straddling a subduction zone as it is covered in volcanoes!

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