2nd May 2017

Pre-Prep School Children’s Artwork Unveiled

children dressed in hi-vis jackets and helmets

When you step off the train in Cambridge station, now prepare to be greeted by a work of art. Depicting the journey from London to Cambridge, this colourful artwork was designed and created by all the children from the Pre-Prep in collaboration with the construction company Galliford Try.

In this dynamic tableau, the artistic wanderings begin at the platform of London Kings Cross. Yet in this reimagining of the scene, rather than stressed commuters, it is filled with smiling children who then speed by the Emirates Stadium, Stevenage, Royston, Shepreth, Foxton, before finally arriving in Cambridge. The spirit of Cambridge, striving into the future with the presence of the past is transferred into paint and brick. The final scene depicts its architectural juxtapositions of the new and the old, the historical legacy and visionary technological modernism.

The young artists are very proud of their bright creation, and were very excited to be present at the grand opening recently. We want to thank all parents who attended this special event.

So, next time when you are travelling by train, take the opportunity to pause for a moment, stop to enjoy the artwork created with dedication and such artistic flair by our very own Unicorns Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes!

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