9th October 2017

Year 3 Visit to the Botanical Gardens

children outside with clipboards

Miss Hodges Kohwai class have been learning all about the Rainforest this term as part of their topic.  Last week they took the opportunity to visit the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.  Kherlen has written a report:

‘I loved going inside to see the Titan flower, it had a reeky smell because a bit of the flower was sprouting.  We saw extraordinary leaves growing and they looked soft because it had soft spikes.  There was also a tree with cylinder shaped branches and flower almost like the Kohwai tree – which is our class tree!  We went to see the Night Garden and there was a ginormous flowers, blue flowers, white flowers and yellow but they were closed up because they only open at night.  On a bridge William saw something moving in the water that was tiny and looked like a baby turtle.’

Kherlen – Year 3 Kohwai class


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