26th October 2017

Year 9 boys Inter Schools Rugby

rugby ball

The Sancton Wood boys set of to Cambridge Rugby Club for the Year 9 rugby competition with 15 players, we had a few drop out late on;  A big thank you to the four Year 8 boys who stepped up and played all of the games.

Our first game was against the reigning champs Netherhall: Sancton Wood did not have a great start as their huge forwards rampaged towards us and despite some heroic tackling Netherhall ran in four trys in the first half. After a quick half time the Sancton Wood boys pulled together and played some really good rugby with Jack and Noah leading the way, but as Netherhall soaked up all our pressure we seemed to slip away and a lost ball deep in the Netherhall half resulted in a speedy winger slipping through a few tackles and scoring a try on the final play 35-0

Our second game was against Bottisham and after a good start and some ferocious running and tackling by both teams the first points went to Bottisham after some slick handling put their winger in the corner, frame the restart Sancton Wood put huge pressure on Bottisham again and were looking to score when the ball was turned over and cleared by Bottisham, with Sancton Wood tiring fast Bottisham seized their opportunity and scored a second try. The second half saw a resurgent Sancton Wood pile on the pressure with everyone playing as a team and producing some good rugby but again one mistake was picked up by Bottisham to run the length of the pitch and score their third try on the last play! 21-0

Our third game was against NCA [North Cambridge Academy] and by now the Sancton Wood boys were tired… having played two games with no subs! Again they started well with everyone playing their hardest but NCA were on a mission and scored try’s either side of the half to finish the game off.

A disappointing end to the day but the laughs and smiles afterwards always make it a worthwhile day. A big thank you to all the boys who played it was a honour to take you along and I hope you enjoyed yourselves, my player of the tournament was Noah for stopping the enormous lad playing for Netherhall and for playing like a man possessed for all three matches.

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