24th November 2017

Year 6 Visit the Globe Theatre

children inside the globe theatre

At the start of the day, everyone woke up with excitement yet we were all weary as we had to get to school for 7:30am. We then took the long coach trip to London, while Mr. Parker told us some interesting facts about our surroundings.

Once we had parked (outside the House of Arms) we passed St Paul’s Cathedral and talked about its history.  Eventually, we crossed the Millennium Bridge and across the Thames in our sight was Shakespeare’s globe theatre; the view was spectacular, we took class photos on the bridge.
Our first stop was the Globe Exhibition centre where we gathered around the benches and were assigned a task, where we had to find objects around the museum, in groups, that would represent people from the Elizabethan period, and their wealth and job/hobbies. It was lovely to see the things we definitely wouldn’t have ever seen before. There was a short walk across the road and we had lunch in one of the studios that the actors use to rehearse in.

Next was the exciting bit, we had our Globe theatre tour with one of the actors from the Globe company. We went on on stage and boisterously bellowed ‘TYBALT YOU RATCATCHER WILL YOU WALK!’ As we looked up above the stage we could see the real beauty of the theatre, all the intricate designs on the carved wood and the painted ceiling depicting heaven.

Later, our tour guide took us back to an actor’s studio. Our class especially had a wonderful workshop with our actor. He told us some tips and tricks about acting, it was a lot of fun. As friends we all worked together really well. At the end of our very busy, enjoyable day, we had a few a quid to spend and Mrs Janes was very kind and she let us spend it in the gift shop. Some people got chocolate, pens and so on but most of us came home with a dagger!

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