22nd January 2018

Reception Class on the Hunt for Dinosaurs


On Friday,  Reception visited Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences to find out more about dinosaurs!  We learnt about the sizes and strides of different sized dinosaurs and we compared our teeth with herbivore and carnivore teeth!

We went on a treasure hunt looking for something ‘really big’, ‘really small’, ‘really scary’, ‘spiny and spiky’ and ‘scaly’.  There were so many different things to look at-we might have to go again!

Our favourite parts of the trip: 

Anoushka: “I liked the very big dinosaur”
Christophe: ” I liked the elasmosaurus section”
Jacob: “when we saw the tyrannosaurus rex”
Scott: “I thought that if the tyrannosaurus was real he might eat me!”
Martha: “when we saw the really big dinosaur at the start”
Oliver: “I liked looking at the dinosaur teeth”
Adam: “looking at the different types of dinosaur bones”
Mae Grace: “I liked the big pointy teeth…and eating snack!”
Philip: “the sharp tooth and what dinosaurs eat”
Sophia: “I liked the footprint game”

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