26th January 2018

Match Report: Year 6 Netball

Newnham Croft vs Sancton Wood

We were missing two players, which meant the other team had more people. That was one disadvantage and also we did not start with the ball.

Sadly we lost to the other team In the first quarter it was 1-1 with Maya scoring.

But in the second quarter we didn’t score any points and they gained 1 point, which put them 2-1 in the lead. By the third quarter we still hadn’t scored any points and they scored yet another point, which meant for us to win we had to score 3 points in one quarter which would have been very hard.
In the fourth quarter we had only scored once with a point from Charlie, with them scoring twice.

It was a fun game and definitely was a great experience for future fixtures.

Player of the match: 

Most of our team agreed that Lukas was the player of the match with his outstanding performance in the centre and defence. He was also team captain. Although he thought everyone was the player of the match.

Things we could improve on I think we should practice our shots more but our centre was great.

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