9th March 2018

Match Report | Sancton Wood vs Colville Primary School

sancton wood football

Sancton Wood vs Colville Primary School – Years 3 & 4 Football Match – Tuesday 6th March.

At the start there was a Sancton Wood kick off between Sophie and Cambriell. We got to the other end with the ball but then got tackled and they got it back to their attacking end.  Our defenders (Tilly and Joshua) put pressure on them and they ended up kicking it off the pitch for a goal kick. Tom, our goalkeeper, passed to Sophie and she passed to Archie he tried to pass again, it was a great pass but a speedy player got the ball ran with it and on the edge of the box and had a shot – Tom just got a finger on it but it went over his head and into the goal. 1-0 to Colville.  We didn’t give up, Cambriell took the centre and passed to Sophie, she ran with it, passed to Joshua, he passed back.  Sophie ran towards goal but got tackled. Throw in to us which Archie took, it landed at Sophie’s feet she turned and shot…GOAL! 1-1  We were back in the game!

In the second half one of the Colville players dribbled into the box and Tilly made a great tackle then it was their throw in.  They threw it to one of their players who passed to their captain who got past our defence and was one v one against our goalie. Tom came forwards about to tackle him then the Colville player just nudged it past him… 2-1 to Colville.

Sancton Wood took the centre but lost the ball and one of the Colville players got it.  He went for the goal but his shoe flew off, hitting his teammate’s face and giving him a muddy nose.

After a bit of hard playing and a great team effort from Sancton Wood there was another goal kick for our team and Tom drop kicked it past the halfway line to Sophie. She passed to Archie, Archie passed back to Sophie, and she got it past their keeper into the back of the net. 2-2.

After some more excellent play by both teams, the final whistle blew, a 2-2 draw.  There were some spectacular saves by Tom, some excellent defending from Tilly and Joshua, great effort from Cambrielle and Archie.

There was a great performance from the Sancton Wood team.


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