2nd July 2018

Year 8 Geography

The map of the world
Year 8 have been studying international development in Geography lessons to get the students thinking about child labour, poverty and poor working conditions in developing countries. The class has to imagine they were 8 year old children working in a very bad factory in an LEDC city, with no light or electricity, food water or proper clothing i.e.. in “LEDC working conditions”. They had to produce 50 good quality paper aeroplanes in just 20 minutes at a rate of 60 rupees a day. Poor performers were pretend disciplined to work harder. Here the students are testing the quality of their product to see if they would get paid or not (only half got paid) before finding out that their product had been taken off the market due to a drop in demand in the UK, and they had lost their job. They even had to endure an “earthquake” in the middle of the lesson!
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