2nd May 2019

An Inspirational Speaker

This week at Sancton Wood we had a remarkable visitor come to talk to us about overcoming barriers. John Willis from Power2inspire shared his experiences of how he has had to overcome many challenging obstacles in his life due to being born without limbs.

We found it very humbling to see how much John has achieved in his life despite not even having any hands to write with. John has learnt to write, been to university, worked as a lawyer, mastered a wide variety of sports and even drives a car.

In short John has not allowed himself to be limited to anything despite the physical restraints of his body.

John is married and has 2 wonderful able bodied daughters who he is very proud of.

Many of us were amazed to see his beautiful drawings that took hours of patience and skill.

Moreover we were  particularly impressed by his courage to dive off a high board in a swimming pool with no arms to break his fall, just his head! What an inspiration to us all.

John’s message to us was: Hard work and practise makes progress!

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