20th June 2019

Nature Club Building Hedgehog Houses

Due to the rain Nature club have been inside again this week completing the construction of their hedgehog houses. We have been doing the finishing touches and ensuring they are insulated properly.

Some of us have also added straw bedding to encourage the hedgehogs to nest in our houses and stay warm through the Winter months. We have also added the final bits of waterproofing inside our natural fibre constructions to keep them dry.

Next week we hope to get outdoors to find some suitable quiet spots to place them and we will start to add a trail of hedgehog food and water pots to entice them in.

Before the holidays we will be looking at making some insect hotels and Bee houses to leave over the Summer holidays. We will also get to look at a previously inhabited bee house and see how the bees have made their amazingly unique compartments inside the bee house.

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