20th November 2019

ISA nationals

3 students and a coach in the swimming pool

Three top swimmers from Sancton Wood, Beux, Batu and Oskar, represented East Anglia in the ISA nationals at London Olympic swimming pool. It was a great day to see all the swimmers compete, with each student athlete working hard.

Beux competed in the 50m backstroke where she came 5th, 200m Medley relay where her team came 4th and the 200m freestyle relay where her team came 4th. She did really well in such a tough event! Well done Beux!

Batu competed in the 200m Medley team, where his team got Silver. The 50m backstroke where he came 4th. The 50m butterfly where he came 4th, as well as the 200m freestyle team relay.

Oskar competed in the 100m backstroke where he got Gold with a time of 1min.05sec.50ms. Almost breaking the record which stands at 1.05.30…and Oskar had already been to his own swimming training that morning! He then competed in the 200m medley relay, 200m freestyle relay and 100m freestyle where he won Bronze.

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