17th March 2020

Sancton Wood Launch Buddy Scheme with St George’s Court Care Home

letters for court care buddy scheme

Nearly 70 pupils answered Mr Settle’s call to sign up for our Buddy Scheme with St George’s Court Care Home and have been busy writing letters and drawing pictures for their residents. It is our way of letting them know that they are important, that we’re thinking about them and that we care at this difficult time. This continues the relationship with them after performing for their residents over Christmas.

The benefits of relationships between the young and old are well documented and our children are set to benefit from this hugely too. Principal Richard Settle has said, “not only will this will give the children another opportunity to write or draw but it will allow them to continue to build relationships and I’m sure there will be much to learn from their buddies too. This is what Sancton Wood is all about. Beyond academia, we look to instill kindness and compassion and it is times like this that prove these are crucial qualities for our future generations.”


We were also able to help the care home staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by providing them with protective eye-wear from our science labs.

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