7th March 2022

World Book Day 2022

This year at Sancton Wood Senior School we participated in many activities to celebrate World Book Day, including having a special assembly.

Students were encouraged to come dressed as a book character. This could be from their favourite book, a book they are currently reading or just one that they enjoy. Mr Kennedy said that he was “looking forward to seeing the students in their different outfits and asking them about their favourite characters”.

We were also given the chance to participate in Blind Date with a Book. This involves choosing a book out of a collection of books wrapped in brown paper with only a short description on the front. This allowed us to ‘see’ the books without their covers, meaning we might be open to new types of writing. Dr Kay was especially excited about this, telling us that “she was looking forward to seeing what books were donated”.

There were also two quizzes to complete in our form time: one was a book quiz and the other showed teacher “shelfies“ where students had to guess which bookshelf matched the teachers who had participated.

Finally, students brought in donations to raise money for a book charity so that other students elsewhere can also enjoy time with a book.

Thank you to all the students and teachers who participated, donated to the charity, or brought in books this year.

Isla, Year 8


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