10th May 2016

Junior A Team Netball

net ball net

SW started well winning the first match 10- 0 against St Philips. Antonio scored plenty of goals. Next was Bewick Bridge which we won 12- 0 and Selina our captain ensured the game stayed at a fast pace. Then we had Milton Road who played impressively to beat SW 1-0, we had I feel begun to be a bit complacent and this hit the team hard. Next we played St. Mathews and they also beat us 2-1 and they played incredibly well. Antonio and Danni worked well together.
This was the end of the group stages and all 15 schools were called in. SW thought we were going home and then received the wonderful news that we had the made semi finals as the highest scoring runners up team.
The bad news was that we had to play St Mathews again. What followed was an epic game of netball. It was real end to end action. St Matthews scored first and then Antonio; then each team scored another goal making it two all. Olivia by this time was on fire, her determination was amazing and she defended incredibly well to stop any more goal. Gabrielle had a bad fall and bravely had five plasters applied. It went to extra time, the ball flying up and down the court. After what seemed like hours , but was probably only 15 mins; the golden goal was introduced. St Mathews missed five chances, the ball then came to Ellie at the top of the circle and she fired it in. The crowd, the organisers and myself went wild as it was the most amazing goal. Sancton Wood were in the final!
We had a brief rest and had to play the most amazing St Albans team who confidently beat us 6- 0. Oliva again didn’t stop working and it would have been far more if it wasn’t for herself and Antonio.
The good news is we made the County Finals. The bad news is it is after we break up for the Summer holidays!!

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