15th October 2016

Sports Report: Year 8 Rugby Sevens vs North Cambridge Academy

rugby ball

3 x 15minute thirds was the protocol for this Year 8 game.  Martha, one of our Year 8 Sports prefects was at the match and noted some rough statistics and the basis of the games match report.

Martha noted that the opposition, which again were large in physical size, had excellent defence, thus Sancton Wood had to run hard, constantly, and get tackled even harder at times.  The Year 8s braved it out with run after run, trying to find the spaces between faces and support each other where they could.

Size does matter sometimes and Sancton Wood had difficulty with the tackles and maintaining possession of the ball.  A lack of possession for the team caused frustration and they started to argue amongst themselves.  This is not always a negative and shows that the game means something to the team…they want to perform and to win.  With a re-focus on their mental attitude the team were more positive and started playing well again, with outstanding individual runs, big tackles and team work throughout.  Ultimately the Year 8s lost their first game, but the team came away with a great understanding of what they need to work on for their next game and the importance of a positive mental attitude.  New success criteria, defensive lines and the ruck.

Special Mention goes to North Cambridge Academy school for hosting SW and excellent refereeing.

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