24th March 2017

STEM Week at the Pre-Prep School

children carrying out an experiment
Last week was STEM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at Sancton Wood and we really embraced it in Year 1 with lots of exciting experiments throughout the week.  We made a tornado in a bottle, a vinegar volcano, used invisible writing and many more.  We were also lucky enough to have Dr Tim Biggs as a visitor, talking about his fascinating job working with sensors for cars and lorries.  He brought some fantastic pieces of equipment with him and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about what it all did and having a go too!
We also used coke to clean some very dirty pennies – the children loved seeing what a difference the coke made and remembered to check them out daily.  Far less exciting (but still scientifically valuable) was our attempt to make flowers change colour with food colouring. Despite our vigilant observing they did not change even a little bit!
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