6th July 2017

Upper Prep trip to France (via Essex!)

children on a school trip

The Europa centre is an interactive and immersive language experience for students.  It is a safe place where you solve a mystery whilst practising your foreign language skills, learning new words and having fun.

Inside the Europa centre was a small traditional European village.  When you visit, you can practise several different languages, but we chose French for our trip.  We were given a booklet with a quiz to solve, and to complete the tasks, we had to visit the small shops and speak in French to the staff.  The staff guided us through our visits to their shops, helping us to learn the vocabulary and use the language skills we had already learnt at school.

What did we get from the trip?
The trip was great for improving our listening and reading skills, and as it was a safe environment, we were able to increase our confidence in speaking french, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

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