4th March 2022

A word from Principal, Richard Settle

Half-term saw the second of our Supporters’ Club match day initiatives at Cambridge United and I was delighted to host 26 lads, dads and teachers for the event. Despite the rain we had a great time and watched the Us crush Accrington 2-0! I am equally delighted to announce that another part of the initiative, the parenting talks element, can now be re-started in the light of the relaxation of Covid measures.

The first of these talks will take place on Monday, March 14th and will be given by Adam Hirst, who works at the school as a Child Psychotherapist.  Here’s what he says about the content:

Knowing how to parent teenage boys (or girls) can be hard at times, and knowing how to position yourself in relation to them can also be difficult. Looking at different parenting styles and whether to stay back (in goal) is best, and when it may be helpful to move forward (up front). It’s important teenagers feel safe by being thought about and looked after, safe with boundaries, and still with a sense of being able to explore freely to find themselves.
Drawing on child development, neuroscience, and my experience as a child psychotherapist working with teenagers and their families, we’ll be looking at how the role of parents is pivotal in helping them thrive.

These talks are available to all parents across Cambridge and can be booked here.  The venue is our Bateman Street site and the start time on the 14th is 4.15pm.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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