25th August 2023

Impressive GCSE Results

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Y11 students at Sancton Wood School received an impressive set of GCSE results this morning.  The school offers a range of 22 subjects and 93% of the students achieved at least five GCSES which included the core subjects. Our pass grades at 4-9 were at 90%, against the national 68%. 40% of the total grades were 7-9 (against a national percentage of 22%).  

One student, Jordan, achieved twelve GCSEs (ten at the top grades) and was delighted with his results.  

“I know that my GCSEs are a result of my own hard work combined with a positive approach and the fantastic care I received. All our teachers believe in us, allow us to develop our strengths in any direction and have supported us throughout.  The size of our school means we get to know each other and our teachers really well and that takes away masses of stress and allows us to concentrate on being successful. I am so pleased with my results and owe thanks to everyone at Sancton Wood. I have worked hard but also really enjoyed my time at school and have had fun.” 

As ever, there were a small number of students from Years’ 9 and 10 sitting GCSEs early, these students also achieved grades at the top of the scale.  

School Principal, Richard Settle said, 

“These, as always, are great results for a mixed ability school that does not select academically. These GCSE grades are proof of the school’s belief that if you provide outstanding pastoral care then the pupils will thrive and achieve impressive results.” 

Head of Seniors Debra King added “We pride ourselves on being a school that is about far more than GCSEs and we celebrate our students every day, however at this time of year we can’t help but be proud of exam results that show such great achievements. They prove that our Y11s have succeeded academically, and we know they have done this alongside learning the importance of friendship, support and community spirit.”  

The unique, family-orientated environment that Sancton Wood creates, allows for early identification of students’ strengths and for tailored support to be put in place in any areas individual students find challenging. This is key to their academic success, especially in Cambridge where many other independent schools’ admissions are based on existing academic ability. 

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