7th February 2016

Year 1 Farm Club


As part of our On the Farm topic, Year 1 visited the Old Pig Farm in St Ives on Wednesday…

We had a fantastic time feeding the goats, pigs and rabbits, playing in the fantatstic play area (discovering clay and making mud pies too!) and throwing the ball for the lovely dogs.

They also have eggs that will hatch into chicks that we got to look at. Everyone chose an egg and Carol is going to email Mrs Parkinson to tell her when they hatch.


It was the best trip ever!

Zane & Lucas

We really liked the rabbits!

Oliver & Tristan



Diya & Zach S – “We played at the playground & we loved it.”


Masha & Dylan – “The goats were really funny because they climbed on the climbing frame.”


George & Harrison – “We liked throwing the ball for the dog.”

Vincenzo & Finlay – “Stroking the dog was fun.”

Tilly & Zack P – “We loved to see the dogs.”

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