7th March 2016

DAVID SHELTON – author & illustrator

Next up this week was the fabulous Dave Shelton who told us about his life of drawing.

In the hall on Tuesday, David Shelton came to visit us to show us how to make comic scripts and characters. He showed us images of a variety of his cartoon characters and how they all were very distinctive and recognisable. Then we all designed our own; we designed elephants, egg-men, cats and dogs and many other creatures. David was very inspiring and interesting; a very inspirational person.

By Harry Yr 6

On Tuesday morning we had a visit from Dave Shelton. We did a cartoon workshop with him. Everyone loved it and had a great time. We all had the chance to create our own pair of cartoon characters. Once we had finished that we got the chance to write our own comic strip about our characters. Those of us that got onto this loved it. It was a really great experience for everyone to meet an illustrator as well as a writer.

By Bella, Ella & Charlotte Yr 5

Tuesday was my favourite part of book week: we did a cartoon workshop. I had a great time, we all created our own cartoon characters. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

By Joshua Yr 6






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