9th May 2016

Geography Field Study: Year 11 – Sheringham, Norfolk

On Friday 18th March, 12 enthusiastic Year 11 geography students, 2 very enthusiastic geography teachers and one not so enthusiastic drama teacher (!) took off in the school mini-bus to Sheringham in Norfolk for an intensive field study and geography revision weekend. We set off armed with tape measures, clinometers, meter rules, a portable projector, 15 pairs of wellies and almost too many suitcases to fit in the bus. We bravely battled gale force winds, the requisite geography field trip downpour and some very chilly temperatures in our quest to test our hypotheses about river changes form source to mouth, beach profiles, cliff slumping and North Norfolk tourism. A few historical titbits, including a visit to a medieval church and a trip down memory lane for former Norfolk resident Mr Parker finally culminated in enough sunshine on Sunday at the picturesque town of Overstrand to justify a well-deserved an ice cream.

There is nothing quite like getting out into the field to put theories to the test and the Year 11s did Sancton Wood proud as they donned their wellies and literally climbed into the river to get multiple sets of results and counted hundreds od pebbles on the beach and measured several slopes in spite of heavy, freezing winds. I am pleased to report that no one actually fell in the river but a few sets of wellies were breached in the process and a lot of mud came back with us into the minibus despite our best efforts to keep clean. There were lots of giggles on the trip, not least from Mrs Corpas and Mrs Cowen and probably not as much sleeping as there should have been, but all in all it was a highly successful and a hugely enjoyable field trip. Best of all we may have converted Mrs Cowen to the joys of geography!












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