15th October 2016

Sports Report: Year 7 Rugby Sevens vs North Cambridge Academy

The Year 7s played a fantastic passing game, off-loading the ball at every opportunity and supporting each other in runs.  It was a ‘coaching’ game, so the players from both teams were learning by doing and given coaching points throughout the game to help their understanding of rugby.

The game was broken down into 3 x 15minute quarters.  At Sancton Wood we believe in focusing on our performance and a positive mental attitude, no matter what! If the team achieve their success criteria and perform, a win will usually take care of itself.  Our success criteria was simply pass out of the contact zone 60% of the time, and run at spaces – not faces, 80% of the time.  The team did this very well and resulted in the team winning the first 3rd.  In the 2nd and final third the Year 7s learnt a few lessons about size difference in rugby, the courage needed to tackle someone larger than themselves and how to win the ruck.  The opposition won the 2nd and final third by 1-2 tries, however, Sancton Wood developed and showed outstanding courage in making big tackles on big players and had a new success criteria for their next game… to win the rucks.

Ben C (Captain) writes: “We played North Cambridge Academy.  There were 3 matches and the first one we won but the others we lost, but we played really well”.

Special Mention goes to North Cambridge Academy school for hosting SW and excellent refereeing, allowing the game to flow and the students to learn.

Year 7 Team: Ben (Captain), Dani, Bosco, Ilyas, Antonio, Henry, Joshua, Ciaran, Jack, Noah

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