14th November 2016

Pets at the Prep School

two rabbit sillouhettes
On Monday 7th November, Natalie Howe, one of the founding members of Luna Animal Rescue, in Royston, came into Sancton Wood to officially hand over Bramble and Blackberry, the two rabbits that the school has adopted.  The students have been asking for a school pet for quite some time and when Mrs Cottam found out that Mrs Cowen is an emergency foster carer for Luna’s dogs, she asked if Luna ever rescued small animals, such as rabbits.
As luck would have it, Luna has two very friendly rabbits, who were looking for a very special home.  They were born in rescue on 6th April 2016, after their Mum, Nala, had been taken in by the rescue centre.  Bramble and Blackberry, along with their seven siblings, were put up for adoption when they were old enough.
So a plan was hatched to raise the money needed to adopt the rabbits and that’s where the idea for the House Fete came from.  Luna Animal Rescue has been adopted as the House Charity and will be supported by events that run throughout the year.  The rescue relies on donations from its supporters and is always looking for people to volunteer to help fund raise or foster the animals in need. If you are interested in helping please see their website for further information:
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