27th February 2017

Monsters & Myths with Marion Leeper

On Monday, we were visited by Storyteller Marion Leeper.  Drawing on Aztec creation myths, and with the help of a larger-than-human-sized puppet, some willing volunteers and some noise making instruments, Marion told the children an exciting story of how the world and the creatures in it was created.  The children were spellbound and especially enjoyed the complicated names of the characters.

Next it was the children’s chance to get creative as they split into small groups and created worlds within our school hall, imagining what their worlds would contain and mapping them out.  Then each group turned storytellers as they took us on a journey around the hall, describing the wonders to be found in their imagined worlds.  We had volcanoes, fields of daisies, treehouses in jungles, lakes and farmland.  We also had chocolate rivers and bubblegum bridges among other sweet-toothed fantasies… It was great to see the children so involved in their collaborative storytelling, adding details and embellishing their ideas as they entertained their audience.

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