27th February 2017

Stories in the Dark with Marion Leeper

students sat for story time in the dark

We had no idea what to expect when we went to our hall for our encounter with Marion Leeper.  We perhaps suspected some story telling but we experienced so much beyond.  She was waiting for us in front of her stunningly decorated tent which was adorned with feathers and (for the keen of eye) a tiny bejewelled bird. Oh how we wanted to see what was inside….and we did!  It was cosy, with fur for us to sit on and twinkly lights to calm us.  Without anyone asking, we were hushed….Words cannot come close to explain our time in the tent.

A simple, magical story told soothingly with wonderful shadow illustration.  We listened, we watched, we discovered and we were plunged into sudden darkness….  We now know just why foxes are creatures of the night.  It is our secret – a gift from the amazing Marion Leeper.

Thank you.



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