28th February 2017

Gillian Overitt

On Tuesday 28th February, we had the privilege of having Gillian Overitt in as part of Book Week.

Gillian spoke about her range of enchanting books and the journey she has taken to become a published author.

Gillian read to us from one of her newly published books, and then our enthusiastic children pulled apart the two main characters; Max and Maximilian, describing what they looked like and their characteristics.

During our workshop the children got the opportunity to think of themselves as writers, dreaming up a story for a magical striped scarf.  Adam (Y3) had the idea of aliens taking over the world and flooding it with hot red lava, while Maya and Kayleigh (Y4) went on an adventure finding a scarf that allows them to become part of a special team of spy agents!

Gillian encouraged the children to be as creative with their characters as they possibly could.  She even said it was a good idea to base characters on people we know!  Look out, who knows what stories we will have based on us in the future.

As our session came to an end Gillian encouraged children to use sophisticated vocabulary in their writing such as ‘exasperated’ and ‘sumptuous’.

I could tell by the enthusiasm as weeks left the school hall, we are going to have some very excited authors in our midst. Thank you, Gillian, we had a wonderful workshop with you and you have certainly inspired the next generation of budding writers.

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