16th March 2017

Year 5 & 6 Hockey tournament with Cambridge Schools Partnership Scheme

The Quicksticks / 4 a-side Hockey tournament was run by the Cambridge Schools Sports Partnership and allows many local primary schools to be involved.

Both the Year 5 and Year 6 team had 5 games each against a variety of schools.  The Year 5 team lost their first game, won their second and third game and drew and lost the fourth and fifth game, respectively.  The Year 6s lost their first game, drew the second, won the third, drew the fourth, lost the 5th.  When draws happen between two teams, the final rankings are done by total points scored across the tournament.

Both the Year 5 & 6 teams were placed a 5th overall out of 6 schools.

There were notable performances across both the Year 5 and 6 teams.  With Martin B and other forwards being relentless in their attacking play, game after game and defenders such as Natalie gaining confidence and developing her skills in a very competitive environment.

In the Year 6 team, again every player performed with exceptional effort in each game.  Special mentions must go to Da-Yue for his defensive play as he tackled and saved many goals.  Equally, Ella battled upfront, learning to position herself in the shooting circle and attempting to score, which was constantly defended.  However, in the last few minutes of the final game, Ella’s resilience upfront finally payed off and she got her team the goal she had been trying for throughout the tournament.

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