17th March 2017

Match Report: Year 6 (Tag Rugby) vs St Laurence Primary School

Two mixed SW teams from Year 6 faced St Laurence Primary School on 28th February

It was perfect rugby weather, wet and cold; and the SW players were keen to get the game started.

The SW teams were split into two groups, with 6 players per team and two games going on simultaneously.  Game 1 was refereed by Mrs Bennett, PE Teacher at St Laurence’s.  Final score 12-12.

Game 2 was refereed by Mr Payne, this game was fast paced with St Laurence scoring the first try and SW the second.  This pattern of scoring continued throughout the entire game; with the scores being neck and neck it could be any team’s game! There were notable performances by Da-Yue who scored many of his teams tries along with Joshua.  Both of whom could find space on the pitches, side step players and score.

Defensively, every player performed well with a noteworthy last-man tackle by William K, without whom St Laurence would have certainly scored another try.  His perfect timing of stepping toward the St Laurence player and ripping off his tag in one swift motion with laser like accuracy got his whole team cheering.

With just a few minutes left, St Laurence managed two quick tries to leave the final score 10 tries to 8 to St Laurence.


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