5th May 2017

Sports Report | Year 5 & 6 Football

On Monday 24th April the Year 5 & 6 boys football team had their second tournament at Coleridge School.

The first week back commenced with the Year 5 & 6 boys having the second phase of their football tournament at Coleridge school.  Here they played a number of primary schools from the local area.  In this tournament Sancton Wood had a full squad of 14 players, for their 7 aside game.

With depth in numbers and fresh players off the bench, SW were able to put up an excellent battle in their 4 matches (of 24 minutes each).  Ultimately, SW were not able to secure a place in the top of the tournament but in true SW style the players were passionate and worked exceptionally hard, with Adesola in year 5 scoring the goal of the day… an individual effort: dribbling down the right side of the wing with a cross field shot into the goal.  Special mention must also go to Year 6 goalkeeper Matthew for his heroic work rate.

A big thank you to Coleridge for organising the tournament.  The Year 5 & 6 girls team will be playing the girls tournament on Monday 8th May.

Year 5 & 6 boys football team: Joshua, Ben, Oliver, Gabriel, Freddie, Da-Yue, Harry C, Arthur, Adesola, Max, Matthew, Sasha, Gianluca, Svante.

Well played boys!

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